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November 15 2013 - Cribbage at last

After a delay of nearly 2 years, cribbage is at last ready for prime time, come check out one of the most popular games on the planet.

July 1 2011 - We've hit our stride

With the recent addition of Yacht to our card room, we now offer 8 online games to the blind, with the best feature set and coolest community of members out there.
We're also working on version 2.0 of Rail Racer, with new sounds, features and an entirely new track editor, as well as a much more playable demo than the first version.
Stay tuned, its gonna be fun.

June 1 2009 The BlindAdrenaline Card Room is online

After several months of testing, Hearts and Hold em are finally ready to go.
With the ability to create your card table with your own rules, invite your friends for a private game, and a whole slew of other unique featres, we think you'll love it.
We've got a entirely new interface created to make game play as easy and smooth as possible, and we're always taking suggestions to make the experience even better.
You Texas hold em fans are in for a real treat. For the first time, it is possible to play sit and go style games with a screenreader friendly client
If you aren't sure what sit and gos are, just think mini tournaments that you can set up anytime, it is a fantastic way to pit your wits against others and see who comes out on top.
For those new to card gaming online, we have audio tutorials for you as well as frequent games set up to teach newbies the ropes
Additionally, you can play with computer generated monkies online if your friends aren't around for a game of hearts.
To get set up and join in on the fun, just click the card room link above, and be sure to set yourself a bookmark once you get there.
Hope to see you on the tables soon!

August 5 2008 - Rail Racer version 1.5 is here

This new update cleans up some bugs and removes the ability for the less scrupulous among us to cheat.
The online racing code has been tweaked as well, resulting in improved performance overall when racing your friends and enemies online.
Please note, the full version number is 1.53, and is required to race online, version 1.4 will no longer work for online play.
Also note that this upgrade will work only for the full version of the game, not the demo.
Grab the below zip file, be sure and go over the included read me file, as it contains important installation instructions.
Rail Racer Version 1.5 download
Lastly, be sure and check the tournament page starting Wednesday August 6 as we will be holding a new tournament for everyone.
If you haven't signed up for the tournament system, go to the tournament page link on the main Rail Racer page, it just takes a minute to get going..
Don't be shy about joining, all classes of racers are welcome from the newest racers to the most experienced and it is a good time for all with lots of tips and chat along the way.
See you on the track
Che (Pronounced Shay)

Rail Racer version 1.4 is ready to roll

The new update includes the ability to purchase a nitro burner, which gives you ten seconds of acceleration boost.
The burner is turned on and off by pressing the b key.
To see how much burn time you have left, press either shift z or shift b.
The burner is a class 5 upgrade, and will be reset at the beginning of each race. You will not be able to refill the burner in the pits, so use your time wisely.
You can now check the altitude you took a jump with by pressing shift a.
This will tell you your altitude at the moment you either cleared a jump, or crashed into it.
This is very handy in determining how accurately you are taking the hurdles, and should help get those lap times down.
You can now change the voice speed in multi player chat mode by using the page up and down keys. This voice rate will be set independantly of the voice rate when racing.
You can now check damage in the chat room by typing /d followed by enter.
The way messages are reviewed is changed, now use the numPad 1 through 5 keys to review the last 5 messages sent.
Some other minor bugs have been fixed.
Lastly, you will now take damage at all difficulty levels when hitting a force field above 150 MPH, so no more ramming into them with nitros going full blast.
This update will be required to race online, so be sure and get it installed soon.
Just unzip the file to your Rail Racer folder and you will be good to go.
Here is the link:
Rail Racer version 1.4 Download
Happy racing!

July 20 2007 - New tournament system up and running

Work is completed on the new tournament tracking software.
This system wil allow players to register for a tournament, and then track the results as each match is played
For more details and to sign up, click here:
Rail Racer tournament page

July 18 2007 - French sound pack available

Thanks to Julien , we now have a set of French voices for Rail Racer.
You can unzip the file to your sounds folder, or copy the sounds from the zip to the sounds folder, either way it will replace the default spoken voices.
Get the sound pack here: French Language pack

July 14 2007 - German sound pack is ready

Thanks to Marco, we now have a german language pack available for Rail Racer.
This replaces all the recorded voices in the game, and I hope to have the synthesizer lines translated into German soon as well.
You can get the language pack here:
German language pack for Rail Racer

July 11 2007 - Rail Racer 1.3 is available

The new release cleans up a few minor problems with the code, allows players to race in MP mode without using up nitros from their inventory, and adjusts the keyboard sensitivity to make leaning more responsive.
Additionally, the server code has been tweaked, and you must have version 1.3 to race online.
After downloading the zip file, simply unzip it to your Rail Racer folder and you should be good to go.
If you are still running version 1.0, you may have to delete your config.xml file if the game fails to start, however try it without removing the config file, as it will start on some systems
Either way, be sure and backup your player settings in the options menu before installing this update.
You can get the download here:
Rail racer 1.3 Update

July 11 2007 - New page for uploading and downloading tracks

We now have access to a new page that allows registered players to upload, download and vote on their favorite tracks.
I will try to review the tracks as they become available, and if they are good enough, I will make them official, which means they can be raced online and times can be posted as well.
Check it out here:
User tracks page

June 28 2007 - Rail Racer version 1.1 is out

To update your game and read the details of the update, click here:
Rail Racer Update page

June 28 2007 - The first official Rail Racer tournament is ready to roll

Win money, impress your friends, and bask in the glory of winning the first official RR tournament.
For more details, click here:
Rail Racer Tournament page

Rail Racer is here!

So head on over to the order page and get ready to roll.
Rail Racer order page

June 20th 3:45PM Eastern - Rail Racer will be released at 5:00 PM Eastern

I am putting the final touches in and double checking everything now. T minus 1 hour and 15 minuts until blast off.

June 20th 2007 - Rail Racer will be out today.

The long wait is almost over gang. After two years in development the coolest racing game ever made for the blind is ready to roll.
The program itself is done, at this point I just have to go over the documentation and make sure everything is there and is correct.
I should have the game and ordering info posted to the site between 4 and 7PM this afternoon.
Check back at 4PM eastern and I'll update with a more specific time then.
In the meantime, if you haven't tried the demo yet, check below for more info.

June 13 2007 The Rail Racer demo has arrived

Be sure and read the Read Me file included with the zip before installing the demo, it has some important stuff in it.
You can get the demo here:
Rail Racer demo 29Mb
The full version will be available for purchase next Wednesday, I am just cleaning up some of the server code for the online play with the beta team, then we will all be able to race against each other full throttle.
Check back in a few days for updates on purchasing the full release.

June 8 2007- The much anticipated demo of Rail Racer will be available on Wednesday June 13.

The demo includes two tracks for you to race on, but does not allow the multiplayer racing of the full version, nor can you post your times and money to the web.
In addition, there are two new files available in the Rail Racer downloads page to give you a feel for how the game is played, one giving an overview of the menus in the game, and the other is a tutorial of the game play of Rail Racer.
Check them out here:
Rail Racer downloads page Enjoy!

May 24 2007 - The Rail Racer demo is nearly done, and will include two tracks for you to try out.

The second track can only be opened by beating the computer opponent at Pro level, not a trivial task, but I'm sure you racers out there are up to it.
The demo will be significantly limited compared to the full release, with no multiplayer ability nor will you be able to post your record breaking times to the web.
The demo will be closely followed by the full release of the game. Click the Rail Racer link below for more info about this ground breaking title.
Check back over the next week for more updates and a definate release date for the demo.


the Rail Racer main page

Get the details about Rail Racer and download some cool audio files. This one is custom made for all you adrenaline junkies out there.

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