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Installation instructions

There are two options available for installing the games.
You can either install each game seperately, or run the global installer, which will install all the games at once.
Simply run this link to install all games, its kind of big, so it may take several minutes:
You may also have to accept the license multiple times and hit the ok button more than once, as this will be installing several games at one go.
Install all games
Alternatively, you can install each game seperately from the following links.
The installation of all the card games works the same way. By choosing the following links, you can either run the installers directly from the web or download and run them on your computer if you wish.
Cribbage installer Yacht installer Hearts installer Blackjack Installer Draw Poker installer Euchre Installer Hold Em installer Spades installer
After the software is installed, you will need to register an account, simply click on the register link to do this.
Note that the login name you choose will be the name others see when you are playing, so try to choose something that will sound the way you want when spoken with a screenreader. Putting numbers at the end of the login name can make retrieving your dollar amount in Hold em difficult, as the numbers tend to run together.
All that being said, feel free to use any name you wish, we're all about freedom of choice here at Blind Adrenaline, smile.
After sending your registration info, you will be sent a confirmation email to verify.
Congratulations, you are now an official member of the Blind Adrenaline card room.
Now just click log in and you are ready to play.
Note you can check the remember me box when logging in so you won't have to put in your log in info every time you want to play
If you have any trouble launching the games, check the FAQ page, many issues are answered there for you, if you can't get it resolved there, you can find my email address on the contact page.

Playing for the first time

After reading the instructions and perhaps checking out an audio tutorial from the instructions page, you can switch to whatever game page you wish from the main card room site.
You can set a favorite once you get to a section of the card room, for instance if you play hearts a lot, you can set a favorite here to quickly jump to the hearts page when you get ready to play
Now you can choose which game you wish to learn about:
  1. Cribbage instructions
  2. Yacht instructions
  3. Blackjack instructions
  4. Draw Poker instructions
  5. Euchre instructions
  6. Hearts instructions
  7. Spades instructions
  8. Hold em instructions