Info on Wednesday's cribbage tournament is below this announcement
Hi all,
I got the problem with subscriptions fixed, and as far as I know all accounts credited that had the issue. If for any reason, your account hasn’t been credited, please email and let me know and I’ll get it fixed right away. my email address is:
Thanks much for your support,
Cribbage registration opens at 8:00 eastern, you can take your seat at 8:10. Important note: If you haven't taken your seat by 15 after the hour, you will forfeit that game.
This is double elimination, with a 60 second time limit and Muggins on.
If there are an odd number of players for any given round, one person will be selected at random to get a pass to the next round, you can check this at the top of the tables.
May you peg well and may the jacks be with you!!!