Blind Adrenaline
How long can you last?
Take out another player, get a bonus.
Make it to the final table, get a bonus.
Make the top 3 and get a huge bonus.
Beat out all others and win the undying envy and admiration of your peers.
Registration is open now, click below to jump to registration page:
Hold em tournament page

If you haven't taken your seat by the top of the hour (4:00), you may be removed from the tournament.

Action starts at 3 PM eastern, fare thee well.

Cribbage registration opens at 8:00 eastern, you can take your seat at 8:10. Important note: If you haven't taken your seat by 15 after the hour, you will forfeit that game.
This is double elimination, with a 60 second time limit. Muggins on.
If there are an odd number of players for any given round, one person will be selected at random to get a pass to the next round, you can check this at the top of the tables.
May you peg well and may the jacks be with you!!!