Blind Adrenaline
For the month of November, it is time for a hold 'em champion to be crowned.
The format is a little different this time, so look alive out there gang.
At the end of the month, the player with the most BA coins will be declared the champion, and win not only $50 in cash money, but also the undying admiration of their friends, family and peers.
Well, how does one win these fancy BA coins you might ask.
Good question.
The top 5 finishers of each hold 'em tournament will be awarded coins based on the following schedule:
1st place gets 5 coins
2nd gets 4
3rd gets 3
4th gets 2
and 5th gets 1
At the end of the month, we will add your top 5 finishes together, and this will be your total. We will have a playoff in case of any ties.
The reason we are using only the top 5 is to make it more even for those that can't play in a ton of tournaments.
All hold em tournaments will be included in the championship, except for the wednesday 25k tournaments, as these are a little rich for some players, and we want everyone to have a fair shot.
In addition to 1st place getting $50, 2nd will get 2 months sub time, and 3rd will get a free month. Yay! Winners all around.
The first tournament is the November 1 tourney, and the last will be on Saturday, November 30.
Tell a friend, it is gonna be a lot of fun.
See ya on the tables.
Spades Registration opens at 3:00 eastern, play begins at 3:15.
Two rounds of 300 points followed by final table of 300. Bottom half will be dropped after first round.
Sign up early to reserve your seat. If necessary last ones to register will be removed from tournament to even out tables in order to avoid playing with monkeys.