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Rail Racer 2 is under construction

We have begun work on the next version of Rail Racer, and it is ready for beta testing.
If you wish to help test the game out, you can go ahead and order the new version, and the beta will be sent to you, as well as links to join our RR list for feedback.
If you just want to check the beta out, but don't want to send feedback etc. that is cool, just be warned that the beta still has some bugs that we are hammering out, so although it is playable now, you will need to update to the final version when it is ready.
The license key you purchase will work for both the beta and final versions.
The original RR won game of the year when it was released, and this new version is going to be even better, with new sounds, more features, and new game modes, as well as an entirely re designed track editor.
Stay tuned, its gonna be a fun ride.

The background

Every day on the planet Earth, hundreds of tons of meteorites enter our atmosphere. Most of these objects are smaller than an average human fingernail, and burn up once inside our atmosphere. But sometimes the meteorites are massive enough to punch through and collide with the surface of our planet. What came to be known as Odysseus' Comet was assumed by the astronomers to be a meteorite of this latter type. But the astronomers were very wrong. Soon after entering our atmosphere, Odysseus' Comet exploded over the western hemisphere, and the results were catastrophic. No one knows even now what substance the meteorite was made of, but we do know all too well its effects. The explosion of light from Odysseus scorched vegetation that took years to grow back, caused hideous sunburns on humans and animals alike, and wiped out wireless communications for weeks. But these were not the worst. The blast was so bright that it instantly blinded every person not in a sealed room or underground. This amounted to nearly eighty percent of the population of the western hemisphere. Because of this, the economy of the Americas nearly collapsed, and had it not been for the help of the blind community, people that knew how to live life without sight, the results would have certainly been far worse. It has taken many years, but a balanced civilization has re-emerged, a civilization led and controlled by the blind. Every civilization needs its distractions, and amongst the blind majority, our main recreation is Rail Racing. Across the western hemisphere, we have set up tracks for our high speed sport. These tracks aren't like the old asphalt tracks of the 21st century. Our tracks are built on rails, with each racer assigned to a single rail as they maneuver around the course. The racer itself is a highly advanced sealed pod, in which the driver reclines as they operate the machine. The racer gives constant feedback to the driver as they race, letting them know the status of all systems of the racer. In addition, each driver has a pit chief that informs them when it is time to come into the pits for refueling and repairs. You can read the game instructions here: Rail Racer Instructions If you would like to join the ranks of the Rail Racers, read on.

Game play

Rail Racer can be controlled via a combination of the mouse, keyboard and joystick.
Although you can play using only the keyboard if you like, a mouse or joystick is highly recommended for best control.
Using the mouse, the driver will accelerate and deccelerate by pushing and pulling the mouse up and down respectively.
Likewise, you will need to lean into the curves accurately to maintain low lap times.
Gears are switched up and down with the left and right mouse buttons.
The tracks include hurdles which must be jumped by engaging your jump jets. This is handled by holding down the spacebar or middle mouse button, engaging the jump jets to get you over the hurdle.
If you don't clear the jump, you will crash, this is bad.
If you spend too much time in the air, you will add precious seconds to your lap time. This is bad.
Jumps take a careful timing balance, and is one of the most crucial parts of the game to assure good lap times.
Additionally, depending on which track you are racing, you may have to deal with loops that will challenge your timing.
Between races, you will have the option to purchase nitro, which will give you a temporary boost in speed.
Be careful though, because nitro is expensive, and you may spend more money than you earn if you wear out the nitro button.
Speaking of money, you will earn money for winning races, with more money earned for taking on harder competition and more difficult tracks.
Various system readings such as speed, rpm, current gear, and remaining fuel can also be checked via the keyboard.
Extensive documentation will accompany the full release of the game.

Your name in pixels

We have an extensive web site that allows the posting of the top 20 times of all tracks, as well as the top 100 money earners.
Bragging rights aplenty.
This system will also allow an occasional tournament for prizes and money.

Make your own tracks

Rail Racer will include a track editor so you can race your own masterpieces.
Please check the instructions page for more details about the editor.


Get the trailer

Click below to download an audio demo of Rail Racer.
Download Rail Racer Demo mp3 3.8 Mb

Check player times and money

Click here to check player money table
Click here to view track records

Contact info

Your suggestions, questions and comments are welcome, please email me at blindAdrenaline@gmail.com
and I will most definately read and respond to you as soon as possible. If you have an idea that would make the game better, feel free to send it on.

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